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Web design and Webspace/Domainhosting

Web Design with a personal touch for corporate search engine friendly web presence including web hosting services and adjustments

Use Joomla, the CMS platform, trust of millions of users. We specialize in Joomla, easy operation, individual web design and quickly expanded. Together we design and finalize your website. 

The success of your website depends on what you show and how to show it!

Webdesign und CMS Systeme für leichte Bedienung

CMS web design for optical recognition

Thus websites are successful on the World Wide Web, they must be distinguished among other things by ease of use and fast loading times. 

The successful individual and your website, web design and optimization, the more professional your business or personal website is perceived.

The success of your website depends on what you show and how to show it, optical recognition value for your marketing.

Web design should be appealing for promotional appearances

On the right set of content, graphics, color, navigation menu and text that matters. Added value in the content of a website and easy handling for visitors. 

To ensure that your personal website is actually found, we optimize your website from the beginning and are already in its basic design to search engine friendliness. 

Classic or individually with an interactive concept, as a CMS solution with self-maintenance, presentations and e-commerce solution with Webshop.

Webdesign für Werbeauftritte

Individual web design in combination with hosting services on server location without exception in Austria (Vienna) is for us a basic requirement.

Why do we stress that our web hosting servers are operated in Austria?

Only in this way we can guarantee quality standard. Some operate Austrian provider / rent their equipment in other countries in so-called "mass hosters" so as to reduce operating costs. But underneath often suffers the quality of services and at peak times are overloaded servers and networks. Our servers are located in data centers Interxion Vienna, the most important Internet node in Austria.

Redundancy and stability is guaranteed!                                            Infopoint | Referenzprojects

Webspace - quality space for websites and administration

Webspace - Classic 0.1

  • 2.000 MB web space (space for website)
  • 1.000 MB mail space (space for e-mails)
  • including traffic and 100% free advertising
  • 100 subdomains and 5 FTP accounts
  • 5 E-mail mailboxes (per mailbox 200 MB)
  • including spam protection
  • All traffic, including, 2 MySQL databases
  • User interface phpMyAdmin
  • including statistics - Services


Webspace - Business 0.2

  • 6.000 MB web space (space for website)
  • 2.000 MB mail space (space for e-mails)
  • including traffic and 100% free advertising
  • 200 subdomains and 20 FTP accounts
  • 20 E-mail mailboxes (per mailbox 500 MB)
  • including spam protection
  • All traffic, including, 20 MySQL databases
  • User interface phpMyAdmin
  • including statistics - Services


Domain - Register your identity on the Internet, your domain name and secure place

We offer in addition to domain registrations and management thereof, and change it for you, among other things DNS settings or MX entries for smooth e-mail traffic. 

Product Folder to web design and hosting services for download here ...          IT Solutions | Productfolder

Webdesign und Domainhosting

  • Setup fee (free of charge)
  • Transfer Fee (relocation of existing domain)
  • Compulsory purchase of web space (domain parking incl. DNS administration)


Biometric Security


Vein pattern

Vein patterns are unique and tamper-proof for  each person.



Detection only when hemoglobin active flows in the veins.


Access Software

Individually created software, encrypted and secure.

IT Solutions

  • Computersystems for demanding, high-performance and high-quality...

  • Internet connections in conjunction with VoIP fixed telephony .... 

  • Web desing on CMS-based hosting solutions for your marketing ...

  • Maintenance Packs for bioemtric systems, server or laptop ...

  • Training and seminars or Employee training for more knowledge ...



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