Internet Connections and VoIP Technology

Use unlimited DIMAWEB high-speed Internet connections for business or private and surf quickly

As a new and modern telecommunications providers in the Austrian market, we have learned to look outside the box. For us, communication is more than just the usual standard or ISDN. 

The "Unified Communication Network u-com" has also developed a residential broadband network, especially for the needs of companies. 

An essential component is quality and prioritization.

Highspeed Internet Connections


Surfing the Internet as soon as long gone, our rapid business Internet makes it possible. 

Surf with high speed, stable and secure on the road in the WWW and your transactions done at any time.

Unlimited Internet


No amount of data, no restrictions, free wireless router and your personal line at no additional cost.

Individually tailored to you and your business, you will experience full speed.

DIMAWEB-Internet products are available in almost all over Austria!

  • Fast and stable Internet business with up to 30 Mbit / s as well as free line analysis and preparation
  • Limitless and restriction surfing and free Wi-Fi router for sharing
  • As an additional option a special WLAN router (AVM) can be selected and their own Internet connection
  • Dynamic or Static IP selected and individual composition (combi)


Telecommunication of future - cost-saving fixed telephony via the Internet using VoIP technology

The integration of language (fixed telephony) as a software application are 5 Carrier technology, gives high-performance on the Unified Communication Network platform, a professional class and offered over broadband. 

These new switching technology (VoIP) allows a variety of new services and virtual solutions, such as. Telephone systems, which allow a company a considerable savings potential.


VoIP Festnetz-Telefonie

The Internet telephony and IP telephony or Voice over IP, is the call (landline) on the Internet


Reduction of the basic fee and call charges and free production.

Free calls in the internal network and fax services as an additional option. 

Utilization of Existing phone or fax and answering machine, voice mail, call evidence, OGM and Diversion Monitoring and control via phone portal.

Save yourself with VoIP high call costs!

More information about DIMAWEB Internet and VoIP telephony to download

Internet (VDSL and SDSL) - Down- and Upload


  • VDSL up to 8192/768 Kbit/s - VDSL up to 16384/1024 Kbit/s
  • VDSL up to 30720/4096 Kbit/s
  • SDSL with 2048/2048 Kbit/s - SDSL with 4096/4096 Kbit/s
  • SDSL with 8192/8192 Kbit/s - SDLS with 16384/16384 Kbit/s


VoIP Telephony

  • monthly Basic charge
  • Call tariffs (domestic and foreign)
  • Telephony devices and VoIP Router


Biometric Security


Vein pattern

Vein patterns are unique and tamper-proof for  each person.



Detection only when hemoglobin active flows in the veins.


Access Software

Individually created software, encrypted and secure.

IT Solutions

  • Computersystems for demanding, high-performance and high-quality...

  • Internet connections in conjunction with VoIP fixed telephony .... 

  • Web desing on CMS-based hosting solutions for your marketing ...

  • Maintenance Packs for bioemtric systems, server or laptop ...

  • Training and seminars or Employee training for more knowledge ...



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