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Years of experience, professional management and in-depth expertise in the implementation of high-quality IT and security solutions, as well as realization of visionary concepts are the competences of DIMAWEB-Network Solutions.

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DIMAWEB-Network Solutions e.U.

Erlengasse 14, 2601 Eggendorf, SMT (Austria)

Pone 1: +43 (0) 676/68 60 450

Pone 2: +43 (0) 676/68 04 584

Mail: office(at)dimaweb.at

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Finanzamt Neunkirchen / Wiener Neustadt


Landesgericht Wiener Neustadt

Bezirkshauptmannschaft Wiener Neustadt

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Schweighofer Claus-Dieter

Eggendorf, Siedlung Maria Theresia

Telekommunikation und EDV-Dienstleistungen

Schweighofer Claus-Dieter

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DIMAWEB-Biometrics | DIMAWEB-Secure

Data Privacy - DIMAWEB and your personal data

The term "Personal Information" comprises all information which allows or facilitates the identification of any natural person. We adhere strictly to the provisions of the Data Protection Act and other relevant legislation. 

The public web pages of DIMAWEB, which you can access on the Internet, can be reached without any information about your person. In individual cases, however, we or our business partners may need information from you in order to look after you properly and comprehensively can.

1. Server-Logfiles

DIMAWEB collects data on every access to all DIMAWEB sites can be called on the Internet. (So-called server log files). To access data include: 

Name of the requested Web page, file, date and time of access, amount of data transferred, notification of successful retrieval, browser type along with version, the operating system of the user, referrer URL (previously visited page), IP address and the requesting provider.

DIMAWEB uses the log data only for statistical purposes for the purpose of operation, security and the optimization of the offer. However DIMAWEB reserves the right to log data to check later if there is reasonable suspicion of unlawful use due to concrete indications.

2. Handling of personal data

Personal information is information that will help a person is identifiable, ie information that can be traced back to a person. This includes the name, the e-mail address or phone number. But data on preferences, hobbies, memberships or which websites were viewed by someone among personal data.

Personal data will only be collected from DIMAWEB, used and passed on, if permitted by law or the user consent to the data collection.

3. Contact support

While contacting DIMAWEB (for example via contact form or e-mail), the information of the user for the purpose of processing the request and in the event that connection questions arise stored in order to look after you properly and comprehensively can.

4. Earmarked use of your data

The voluntarily provided by you personal data (eg when registering on one of our websites, when calling a hotline, an otherwise given consent, or the ad hoc use of your data which is approved by an appropriate legislation), we usually use it to Questions to be answered to provide offers or information for you to process your order at DIMAWEB or delivery obligations and services comply. Under the existing customer relationship, it may also happen that your personal data collected, stored, processed and passed on to our global affiliates, subsidiaries and participations in the context of the aforementioned activities, personal data by third parties (subcontractors of DIMAWEB) as part of the performance (service or delivery) are passed, personal data that you have communicated to us will be used by us or by third parties appointed in connection with the above activities (especially marketing research and public opinion polls).

In any case we accept your personal declaration of intent, if you do not want to maintain customer relations provide us (especially public opinion research polls) your personal data. 

DIMAWEB will not sell your personal data to third parties nor use them otherwise, except to affiliates, subsidiaries, investments and partners as part of the performance.

5. Storage of your personal data

DIMAWEB stores your personal data for as long as is necessary to render delivery obligations, service and services in contractual framework to comply with legal archiving deadlines to take action within the framework of product liability, settle disputes or agreements to enforce.

6. Newsletter

If desired, you informed DIMAWEB email newsletters about the latest news (software and hardware, virus threats, offers or new technologies).

If you want to receive a newsletter, we require a valid e-mail address and information that allow us to verify that you are the owner of the email address or that its owner agrees to receive the newsletter. Further data are not collected. These data are used only to send the newsletter and will in no way provided to any third party.

By registering for the newsletter DIMAWEB stores your IP address and date of registration. This storage is used alone the evidence in the case that a third party abused an email address and logs in without the knowledge of the person entitled to receive newsletter. 

Your consent to the storage of the data, the email address and its use for sending the newsletter can be revoked at any time. The revocation can be made via a link in the newsletters themselves, in your profile area or by notice to the above contact details.

7. Integration of services and content of third

It is possible that within the DIMAWEB site third-party content, such as videos via YouTube, maps from Google Maps, RSS feeds or graphics are incorporated from other websites. This always assumes that the provider of such content (hereinafter referred to as "third-party") take the IP address of the user true. Without the IP address, they could not send to the browser of each user the content. The IP address is thus necessary for the presentation of that content. We just strive to use such content, their respective providers are using the IP address only for the delivery of content. However, we have no control over whether, if the third-party such as the IP address Save for statistical purposes. Insofar as is known to us, we clarify the users about it on.

8. Protecting your personal data

By DIMAWEB all imaginable kinds, technical and organizational security measures and latest technologies used (eg. SSL encryption) to protect your personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, loss, unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized access.

9. Revocation, changes, corrections and updates

The user has the right to obtain information free of charge about the personal data stored about him. In addition, the user has the right to correct inaccurate data, blocking and deletion of their personal data, insofar as the there is no legal obligation to retain. 

It applies Austrian law. Jurisdiction is Wiener Neustadt, the extent that such jurisdiction may be permissibly agreed with the user.

DIMAWEB Network Solutions e.U.


Biometric Security


Vein pattern

Vein patterns are unique and tamper-proof for  each person.



Detection only when hemoglobin active flows in the veins.


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Individually created software, encrypted and secure.

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