Biometrische Sicherheitstechnik-Anwendungsbereiche

Biometric Security Technology 

Biometrics | Applications

Access and access control in social or sporting events

Biometric identification on turnstiles designed to prevent unauthorized entry into the stadium and blocked fan areas in specific sectors (both teams remain separate) and the prevention of theft / loss of tickets.

Biometrie bei Sportveranstaltungen

Access and access control for most critical areas in business

Exact authenticate employees / individuals for access in safety-critical areas of a company and easily applicable, biometric method of preventing employee ID counterfeiting, identification of people access and access time.

Biometrische Zugangs- und Zutrittskontrolle

Access and access control in the private sector to protect against unauthorized access

Whether it comes to new installations or upgrades to, the palm vein technology ensures a very high level of authentication services and provides authorized persons secure access to buildings, villas, apartments and individual rooms.

Biometrie im Privatbereich

System applications and data security - PC Systems, workstations or server environments

Server systems, users are authenticated exclusively based biometric characteristics without using passwords. The biometric information is compared with all the records in the database.

Biometrische Datensicherheit

Protection against misuse of data in SAP applications for business and data security

Specific biometric software for SAP applications preventing fraud in purchasing, payroll, warehousing, retail and other critical areas. For example, each user is responsible for the bills.

Biometrie für SAP Anwendungen

Access control in the medical field and health care 

The biometric method is particularly suitable for use in a medical environment. Restricting access to patient data and applications for legal, medical personnel.

Hygienische Zutrittskontrollen

In finance through secure payment processes (machines / cashless)

Secure payment transactions through biometric monitoring eg. Cash registers and banking transactions.

Biometrie im Finanzwesen

  • Consulting, planning and installation of biometric security solutions
  • Great project management / biometric solutions
  • Maintenance, hardware and software implementation


Biometric Security


Vein pattern

Vein patterns are unique and tamper-proof for  each person.



Detection only when hemoglobin active flows in the veins.


Access Software

Individually created software, encrypted and secure.

IT Solutions

  • Computersystems for demanding, high-performance and high-quality...

  • Internet connections in conjunction with VoIP fixed telephony .... 

  • Web desing on CMS-based hosting solutions for your marketing ...

  • Maintenance Packs for bioemtric systems, server or laptop ...

  • Training and seminars or Employee training for more knowledge ...



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