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INTUS ACCESS - compact and easy to use access control software from PCS for smaller requirements, small and medium enterprise sizes

The compact access control software for smaller requirements for use with INTUS ACM Access Control Managers and all INTUS access readers.

This secure access control software from PCS is easy to use and especially suitable for small and medium business sizes. INTUS Access controls and manages up to ten networked Access Control Manager with connected INTUS access readers, electric door openers, barriers, turnstiles and feedback contacts.

  • Easy setup and quick start-up
  • Logging of all access events in the database
  • Email notification of reader and door events
  • Management of spatial and temporal access rights
  • Data import via CSV file for max. 200 or 500 employees
  • For max. 10 INTUS ACM40 or ACM8e and max. 40 access readers

INTUS Access

Data sheet and information for INTUS Access to download here ...                    Biometrics | Produktfolder

DEXICON ENTERPRISE - powerful, scalable access control from PCS for companies of all sizes, also with a certified SAP interface

DEXICON Access control software not only solves standard tasks, but also provides your company for perfect safety and protection. 

DEXICON prevents the entry of unauthorized persons on the premises and ensure reliable the building. At pre-defined entry points people are identified, all bookings are checked and logged. About access profiles to the individual rights at various access points can be easily configured.

  • Assigning functions at the terminal to time event types in SAP
  • Absence Reasons dialog
  • Up to 10 balances displayed
  • Balances from SAP are stored for interrogation
  • Out-plausibility check in online mode
  • Device status with plan and connection of mobile solutions


DEXICON Enterprise

Data sheet and information for DEXICON to download here ...                            Biometrics | Produktfolder

ID CENTER - strong authentication and convenient operation for safe and efficient applications using palm vein laser, smart cards or one-time passwords

Comfortable, safe, economical - ID Center recognizes the identity of a person in a matter of seconds via fingerprint, palm vein pattern or iris recognition.

ID Center supports strong authentication using smart cards or one-time passwords (OTP). The use of ID Center massively reduces helpdesk calls, allowing compliance to legal requirements (such as HIPAA, FDA, SOX) and compliance with applicable data protection regulations.

  • Biometric identification and verification Strong authentication even with one-time password (OTP)
  • Individual requirements of security policies (customer's choice)
  • For building access and network access
  • Ticketing and SAP Logon (Login using biometric recognition)
  • Windows Login (authentication for Windows domain login)



Data sheet and information for ID CENTER to download here ...                           Biometrics | Produktfolder

Applications of access software and biometric solutions

Pharmaceutical industry, highly sensitive utilities such as. Power plants, in clinical applications, and with banks in the Switch / POS and management area, the entry of visitors, for use in large enterprises and government agencies, or simply when IT applications within the company, such as the Domain Login Windows systems, Web applications and office applications.

Overview reacted, biometric security systems and more ...                 Infopoint | Referenzprojects

Biometric Security


Vein pattern

Vein patterns are unique and tamper-proof for  each person.



Detection only when hemoglobin active flows in the veins.


Access Software

Individually created software, encrypted and secure.

IT Solutions

  • Computersystems for demanding, high-performance and high-quality...

  • Internet connections in conjunction with VoIP fixed telephony .... 

  • Web desing on CMS-based hosting solutions for your marketing ...

  • Maintenance Packs for bioemtric systems, server or laptop ...

  • Training and seminars or Employee training for more knowledge ...



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