Biometrische Handvenenerkennung

Biometric Palm Vein Authentication for Secure Access Control

The palm vein recognition is a process for biometric identification of persons, wherein the vein pattern of a hand is detected and compared with a reference pattern.

To use either come the veins of the palm, the finger vein or veins of the back of the hand. The physical effect of palm vein recognition based on the absorption of infrared rays oxygen-depleted, venous blood.

HIf you hold his hand in front of the palm vein recognition sensor, it sends infrared LEDs near infrared radiation towards the palms.

Biometrische Handvenenerkennung

The physical effect of palm vein recognition based on the fact that infrared rays are absorbed more oxygen-poor blood from the veins than in other tissues.

Infrared radiation (heat radiation in the wavelength range of 7.6 x 10-4 mm) are taken directly from the palm vein recognition sensor of the palms up. By Absorbation this infrared radiation a clear vein image is scanned.

An actual contact of the sensor is not necessary, so this contactless system represents an easy and hygienic solution.


Expiry of palm vein recognition - The camera of palm vein sensor first creates an image of the vein pattern, which is converted by a computer into a template.

The camera of the palm vein sensor first creates an image of the vein pattern, which converts a computer into a template. This template is stored during teach in a database or on a smart card or other storage media.

A captured comparative sample (identity) is compared with the template of the user (1: 1 comparison). All patterns are compared in a database.


Counterfeit protection - vein patterns are unique for each person and have detailed characteristics, so that for each user a separate template is created.

The vein pattern of the human hand are complex. Since the veins are inside the body and have a variety of distinctive features, they offer a high degree of safety. Attempts to forge an identity, are thus nearly impossible.

The palm vein recognition reached a very high level of security, since approximately 5 million points are recorded in the palm vein recognition.


Advantages of palm vein recognition - personal identification in safety-critical applications, by simple procedures that are possible forgery-proof at the same time.


  • Easy and fast detection (live identification)  
  • One-time registration, because the vein pattern throughout his life does not change 
  • Highly secure authentication system
  • Extremely high accuracy and security
  • High user acceptance through contact-free, hygienic detection (multi-user environment)
  • Almost Tamper (palm patterns are just under the skin)  
  • No copying possible (not through photographs or fingerprints copied) the vein pattern of the human hand are complex.


Applications - the biometric palm vein recognition is suitable for a variety of safety-critical environments.

Security, finance/banking, access and access control, health care, authorities and monitoring of SAP applications.

Biometric Security


Vein pattern

Vein patterns are unique and tamper-proof for  each person.



Detection only when hemoglobin active flows in the veins.


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Individually created software, encrypted and secure.

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